The Meeting

Chuckles the Dirt-Chip Muffin Book 2, Chapter 1

Twenty years pass and Little Bill grows up. He is always sad about Chuckles. He tells the story of how he was kidnapped, but no one ever believes him that Chuckles gave his life to save the cookies.

He grows up and moves to a big city. One day he passes an old, beat-down, raggedy-jaggedy looking muffin in the street.

Little Bill asks, "Chuckles is that you? Are you really alive?"

Chuckles says "Shhhhhh! Yes, it’s me I have returned but I am still a wanted man in this country. I have returned to complete a secret mission so leave me alone."

"I won't you leave you alone Chuckles. I've been sad and missed you all these years. No one believes that you saved me from the Chob. You can help me set them straight."

"No dice kid. If they didn't believe you, they aren't going to believe it coming from an awful bite mark donut like myself."

"Well I have to come on your secret mission with you."

"Do you have any skills that might be useful on a secret mission?" asked Chuckles.

"I missed you a lot! Does that count as a special skill?"

"It absolutely doesn't." said Chuckles.

"It's great to see you and I have money. Can I come along, please?"

"OK, Kid. Your hired. We need a rental car. Do you have a license?"

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