Chuckles the Dirt-Chip Muffin!

Chuckles is not here to blaze pathways of happiness or make apologies for the smartness (or stupidity) of certain, unnamed jellyfish.

I think that we have made that clear by now.

In spite of that, we are officially banned from Google! Boo!

What did Chuckles ever do to you? Well, I guess he is an evil muffin, full of horrible ingredients. So, there's that.

And he did leave the microphone on. Bad! Bad chuckles! You know...

Actually Google never did say anything about that at first, so it isn't his fault that he left the microphone on.

Truthfully, that is more about them, than it is about Chuckles.

And actually, Chuckles is on a journey to goodness, and we hope that you will read along.

Now that you know something about Chuckles, you can jump right into: