The Cookie House

Chuckles the Dirt-Chip Muffin Book 1, Chapter 3

Once Chuckles ran out of the tunnel he headed for the first light that he saw. It was a small house and in the house lived a cookie family. There was a mama cookie, a daddy cookie, and 100 baby cookies. It was unusual for a cookie family to have so many babies at once. Usually they had a dozen or a baker’s dozen at a time, but this Mommy and Daddy were very lucky and had 100-tuplets.

Chuckles burst into the house and said, "If anyone talks I’ll kill you all!"

The daddy cookie said, "That’s big talk, but there are a hundred and two of us and I doubt you could kill us all."

Chuckles said, "Yeah, well, once I pulled all the raisins out of an oatmeal raisin cookie one at a time with my bare hands!"

The mommy cookie said, "Oh what a horrible, horrible, man!"

Then Chuckles said, "And once I took a cinnamon roll and I ROLLED it down a hill and into traffic!"

"OH NO! OH NO! How gruesome!" shouted one hundred baby cookies.

"And once... Once I took a fork AND I STABBED A DONUT TO DEATH WITH IT! BWAH HA HA!"

At this the Dad cookie looked very pale, but said nothing more.

Chuckles grabbed five baby cookies and a burlap sack, and ran off into the forest.

He came to a cave where he stuffed the five cookies into the sack, hung them from the ceiling and went to sleep.

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